Welcome to Sacksonville. Born from the notion that it takes all 11 acting as 1, Sacksonville is an ode to the most dominant defense in the history of Big Cat Country.

This is for the fearless. For those who look across the line of scrimmage with the roar of 67,164 strong behind them, the game of their life hanging in the balance, and they see more than just the opposing quarterback. They see a target. They see a mission. They see a defining moment.

For the last two decades of Jacksonville football, Duuuuuuuvvvvaaaaaaaal has placed its faith on the 11 men who take to the field and protect that which matters most.

At Sacksonville, we too tackle issues both on and off the field. Every shirt purchase awards a sack lunch (from Revolution Foods) for a hungry child in the community. Join Sen’Derrick, Johnathan, Dan and the Sacksonville defense in their effort to help fight hunger in Jacksonville. By becoming a Sacksonville Member, you are choosing to join our team. Let's get after it! We are the few, the proud, the Jags’ D.